Tips on Preparing for Your Window Replacement Project
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Tips on Preparing for Your Window Replacement Project

Replacing inefficient, old, and damaged windows is a great way to improve your home’s indoor comfort. You can also save energy when you use modern windows. To help you prepare for this home improvement project, here are some tips from Carolinas Home Pros:

Window Replacement Project

Clear the Way to the Work Area

Although we will prepare the work area, we still need plenty of space to move around. It also helps if you clear the way toward the job site for faster access. This includes hallways, adjoining rooms, and paths to the front door. You also need to remove any valuables or wall paintings. On your front yard, you can clear up a small space where we can put our equipment.

Before we put in your new windows in Charlotte, NC, we can advise you which areas you need to clear up. This way, we can finish the job quicker and easier.

Be Prepared for the Mess

Replacing windows involve sanding and scraping, which can lead to dust to fall onto floors and nearby furniture. It also involves noise, as we’ll be using tools to remove your existing window and insert the new one. To reduce clutter, we can put down drop cloths or plastic sheets. This makes cleaning easier after we finish the job.

Let the Pros Handle It

Installation is an important factor for overall window performance. With proper installation of replacement windows in Charlotte, NC, you can ensure that the unit is free of air leaks, water damage, and condensation.

This home improvement requires skills, so you need to let the expert handle it. Carolinas Home Pros follows strict manufacturer instructions, seals every gap, and makes sure that your new windows are level.

We are your leading source for quality replacement windows in Charlotte. We carry top brands like JELD-WEN®, Andersen®, and Simonton®. We can also offer you their strong warranties for your peace of mind.

Call us today at (704) 508-1470 to learn more about replacing windows. We’ll be happy to help you in your home improvement need.