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House Siding

Premium House Siding that Meets the Needs of Homeowners in Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Communities

If you’re in the market for house siding that will beautify and protect your home in Charlotte, North Carolina, while requiring little attention from you, turn to Carolinas Home Pros. We install house siding from some of the nation’s leading manufacturers, and we’ve made a point of selecting siding products that meet our customers’ needs for low maintenance and energy efficiency.

Fiber cement and vinyl are two of the most popular types of house siding requested by homeowners in the Charlotte, NC, area, and Carolinas Home Pros provides professional installation of both. It’s easy to see why these cladding materials are in demand. Both siding products come in vibrant, fade-resistant colors and they resist termites. An occasional washing is all they need to retain their beautiful appearance. Plus, they’re available with insulating properties that can improve energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. That means you may be able to keep your indoors at a comfortable temperature with less dependence on your HVAC system, which may lead to lower monthly energy bills for you.

No matter which house siding you have installed by Carolinas Home Pros, you’ll receive:

  • Expert installation by highly trained and experienced professionals, which will provide you with confidence that your siding was properly installed and will deliver all the advertised benefits
  • Oversight of your siding replacement project by company owner Ron Bauguss, who is a licensed general contractor
  • Meticulous attention to the job site, including thorough cleanup and special consideration for your plants and landscaping

What’s more, we take pride in offering competitive pricing, and we won’t collect any payments – not even a deposit – until your project is completed and you have signaled your satisfaction with it.

To find out more about the beautiful house siding that Carolinas Home Pros installs on homes in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding communities, contact us today.