Home Improvement: 4 Upgrades to Complete this Fall
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Home Improvement: 4 Upgrades to Complete this Fall

Your home is a valuable investment that needs proper and regular maintenance. Fortunately, home improvement projects are simple, yet effective ways to keep your structure in top shape. In addition, they can add significant value to your property over time.

Home Improvement

The changing of seasons often brings extreme weather conditions that affect the overall performance of your home. Intense heat, storms, and snow can damage your windows and other essential components. As such, you should tackle repairs and replacement frequently to prevent bigger problems in the future. Now that fall is here, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and prepare your home for the coming winter. Carolinas Home Pros, the top home improvement contractor in Winston Salem, NC, shares four ideal projects to complete this season.

1. Window and Door Replacement – As essential parts of your exterior, your windows and doors take the brunt of everyday wear and tear. They can develop cracks around their frames over time, resulting in drafts and energy loss. Before the cold months arrive, be sure to replace drafty windows and doors with energy-efficient replacements from Carolinas Home Pros.

2. Siding Installation – Winter can bring piles of ice and snow, increasing your need for interior heat. If your siding has sustained serious damage from recent conditions, you might be losing more energy than you imagined. Carolinas Home Pros can install high-performance vinyl and James Hardie® fiber cement siding in Winston Salem, NC, to keep your home warm and cozy when temperatures start to drop.

3. Roof Repair – This season, make it a point to inspect your roof for signs of leaks and cracks. Rain and snow might be frequent in the coming months, so it’s best to seal your home to avoid moisture problems. If you need to fix some issues, you can consult our experts at Carolinas Home Pros. We can also install a new roof on your home if the existing problems are beyond repair.

4. Gutter Installation and Maintenance – Gutters serve as your home’s major drainage system, that’s why you can’t afford to skip on them this fall. Our experts can install top-quality gutters and perform in-depth maintenance to keep them in excellent condition.

For your home improvement in Winston Salem, NC, this season, you can count on Carolinas Home Pros. Schedule a FREE consultation today by calling us at (704) 508-1470 or by completing our form. We look forward to working with you!