Best Home Projects for Better Energy Efficiency
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Best Home Projects for Better Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is a comfortable one. If you focus on the right home projects, you can weatherize your home better and achieve your desired indoor climate while using less energy. The trusted name in windows, roofing, and siding in Winston-Salem, NC, Carolinas Home Pros, shares some of the best ways to improve your home’s energy performance:

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Invest in an Energy-Saving Roof

Installing an energy-saving roofing system is a sound investment to reduce your utility bills, especially in summer. An efficient roof also improves attic ventilation and prevents moisture buildup.

The accumulation of hot, moist air can cause your home to overheat. As a result, all living spaces below the attic would most likely require more air conditioning and increase your energy use. Excess moisture in the attic is also detrimental to your roof. It can fry your asphalt shingles from the inside and accelerate wear and tear. It also promotes mold growth and weakens your wooden roof deck.

You can avoid these issues by investing in a durable, well-ventilated roofing system. As your trusted home improvement contractor in Winston-Salem, NC, we can assess the state of your roof. We can then recommend the right type of asphalt shingles that meet your needs.

Change Your Leaky Windows

If you can feel drafts when your windows are closed, it might be time to replace your aging fixtures. Compared with their older counterparts, today’s products have extremely efficient features. With insulated glass panes, low-E coatings, strong frames, and low-conductance spacers, modern windows can help trim your energy consumption.

Our company carries many of the top window manufacturers in the industry, including Andersen®, Simonton®, and Atrium®. Our installation expertise in these innovative products allows you to take your home’s energy efficiency to greater heights.

Upgrade to Steel or Fiberglass Doors

Based on the “2016 Cost Vs. Value Report” by Remodeling magazine, steel and fiberglass entry doors deliver great ROI because of their beauty and efficiency. The former makes a cost-effective option to reinforce your home, trap your indoor heat, and withstand the elements. The latter is nearly maintenance-free and proof against dent, rot, rust, and scratch. It also minimizes heat loss.

These materials are versatile in design, too. We offer different aesthetic possibilities to let you personalize your exterior doors to the last detail. We also carry top brands that feature modern materials that ensure durability, efficiency, and beauty.

Let Carolinas Home Pros help you with your efficient home improvement in Winston-Salem, NC. Contact us today at (704) 533-9580, and let’s talk about your project.